Sex and Sensibility is a new show on W4CY.com, Talk4 Radio, an iHeart Radio affiliate. Hosted by SimplyK and Zoe Love. The show invites dialogue on relevant social issues between men and women to bridge the divide created by texts, emails and other non-personal communication methods.

To listen, log on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM EST on W4CY.com and click "Listen Live." Listeners are able to chat with the hosts in real time; and for questions or comments during the show, they dial in: (561) 623-9429.

Topics include most relevant life issues, such as the direct effects on relationships from money issues, children, sexual differences and desires for various lifestyles. No subject is off limits. Sex and Sensibility, however, is a judgment-free zone. The goal is not to simply identify problems, but to approach all issues with solutions in mind. The hosts strive to learn and grow with their listeners and take all angles into consideration whether they ultimately agree or disagree. Naughty or nice... it's great advice!

For information and great rates on advertising your business or services, contact us. The show broadcasts nationwide and in 260 countries. We can focus your ads regionally, nationally or internationally. We can also create your ads for you or you can submit your own. There is limited availability. ASK US about additional perks offered to advertisers and sponsors!

There are also direct sponsorship opportunities to help the hosts of Sex and Sensibility to support important causes in the community. Donations may be made in cash or kind and will be identified as projects are initiated.

SimplyK and Zoe Love are available as Brand Ambassadors for sponsors who want to use media personalities who truly care and are involved in their world.

Please use the CONTACT US form to open a dialogue on how we can work together to further market your products and services or to serve our communities and environment..



The hosts are available for appearances and speaking engagements. Please go to the CONTACT US page to submit your requests.

Sex and Sensibility will hold its own events on occasion to allow the hosts to meet many of their fans and followers in person. The mission is to create a greater personal bond while still sharing ideas and inspiration. They want to see, feel, hear and laugh with their radio audience family and friends.

The possibility also exists to broadcast from on-location events that may be hosted by sponsors or collaborations with other businesses or media.

Aside from creating a live or taped show, the hosts are available for speaking engagements, interviews and even volunteer opportunities for missions they care about; epecially, matters of importance to women and children are in the forefront of their concern. Issues such as domestic violence, children's health and education, and the ability of women to have the resources necessary to provide for and nurture their families.

SimplyK and Zoe Love want all people to be able to find and feel love so that they are equipped to share that love with others in their community, which creates fertile ground for meeting the needs of all involved,